Meet Coach Debbie

by Dawn Menning

You may find Coach Debbie on the dance floor doing the tango but when she’s not she is a valuable part of the Prevent Diabetes® team.  Debbie’s life and passion for healthy living began in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her father was a cardiologist and she worked as a clinical dietitian with him focusing on providing nutrition education to those with heart disease, diabetes, chronic conditions, hypertension, or obesity.


After moving to Phoenix, AZ she continued her passion for improving the health of others by getting her masters degree in nutrition. Debbie also holds numerous certifications and licenses in the health field. She has used her skills as a bilingual healthcare professional while working as a clinical dietitian, a director of public health in community outreach programs/government programs (WIC), and as an adjunct faculty both on campus and online.


Debbie joined the Canary Coaches team and shares her passion for health and wellness with her participants.  “I believe in a mind body approach” says Debbie.  “Most people know what healthy eating is supposed to look like but, for some reason they aren’t making the changes.  I like to work with individuals on their motivation, what’s going on in their personal environment.  Change happens when participants share with me”.  She likes to encourage individuals to start small and work towards mini goals.   “I encourage people to eat a rainbow of food, you’ll get lots of healthy choices from all the different fruits and vegetables”.


Debbie has helped participants lose anywhere from 10-25 pounds while she’s coached them in the Prevent Diabetes® program.  “It makes me happy to see them succeed”.  One thing she’s noticed is if participants are consistent with tracking and share with her their results, they’re more successful.  She wants her participants to know that she’s there for them if they want to share or have questions or concerns.  “They have a friend in me”.  She’s non-judgmental, often putting herself in their shoes.  “I want to empower them with the tools to succeed”.


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