Turning A Negative Into A Positive

by Dawn Menning


Canary Coach’s digital Diabetes Prevention Program has been at the forefront of digital delivery of diabetes prevention programs in the United States and has been continuously offered for over 13 years. In fact, it was the first digital delivery of the NIH’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), and among the first digital programs to receive CDC recognition. Over 75,000 participants on the program have on average lost more than 5% of their body weight and a significant number have prevented type 2 diabetes and associated comorbidities such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, musculo-skeletal conditions, and sleep apnea.


The Canary Coaches team listens to participants’ feedback through surveys and comments submitted to our coaches. One important question we ask participants is to rate the likelihood that they would recommend the program to a friend or colleague.  This question is used to calculate the respondent’s validated satisfaction measure and is called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Click here for article on NPS.  Based on the global NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered “good” (50 and above being excellent while 70 and above is considered “world class”).


Any program must evolve to engage, improve, and enhance the participants experience to help them achieve their health goals.  As new technology and updated content have become available in recent years, the NPS score for Canary Coach’s digital DPP began to decline and needed to be increased.


Evaluating participant feedback and the low NPS score, Canary Coaches set out to make improvements to the program.  The new enhancements have resulted in the Prevent DiabetesÒ program.  Some of the key updates to our program include:


  • Updated content and materials from the CDC to better engage users and reflect the current times
  • Delivering content in a modular format and helping participants adopt new behaviors that fit their lifestyle. This allows each participant to self-tailor their experience while still being faithful to the DPP curriculum and to CDC requirements
  • Increased access to expert health coaches with the option to engage in video chat
  • Availability of a mobile app, allowing for increased flexibility to engage in the program
  • Ability to sync physical activity and food tracking tools such as Fitbit®, Google Fit, Apple Health, and others to the program
  • Peer support through a community chat


With these changes Canary Coaches has seen a quick increase in the NPS score.  In fact, the lastest score is 63, which is considered excellent by industry standards.  The team will continue to strive to maintain this score and even improve it.  Canary Coaches is dedicated to improving the health of our participants and decreasing the number of people who develop type 2 diabetes.


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